I was born a southern girl, raised in Michigan and now call the south home again.  Here in peaceful Helena, Alabama, I am a supermom & army wife, V.P. of finance for my home, a puppy wrangler and full time employee for an insurance company.  And somewhere in all of that I find a few minutes to myself to write, which is something that I absolutely love to do.  I have even gone as far as piecing together stories and inspirational writings from text messages and social media posts (don’t judge me! LOL).  Despite wearing several hats I am more focused than ever on my passion for writing.

I completed my first fiction novel in January 2009, and have been flooded with new ideas every since. :-)  So, I have a million stories, poems and characters just dying to meet the world.  I am working on a number of projects that are all very different and equally exciting.  In addition to telling these stories I enjoy creating book cover mock-up that help me stay true to the characters and story line during the writing process.

Fun Facts about me:
I absolutely love the fact that my office is a fortress that the kids and puppy cannot penetrate
I often find stories and poems in old emails, on napkins in my desk drawers and as notes on my smartphone that I have forgotten about.
I sometimes sneak the puppy in my office because she is less distracting than the children
If I were a muppet I would be Ms. Piggy cause she’s a classy dame
My favorite things to do are writing, listening to music and eating.
I started writing poetry when I was 13 years old
My oldest daughter inherited my love for writing and the youngest my love for music
Every time I watch Shag: The Movie it’s like the first time
My family does the best car concerts in the south (even though the hubby may disagree)

Let’s talk!  I would love to hear from you:

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Website: www.twcolvin.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/authortw.colvin

Guest Blog Posts
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Print Work

DIVINEFAVOR - The G.L.A.M. Squad: Inside a Birmingham Sisterhood - (Article preview to be continued in upcoming issue) Issue 3 Vol 7, 2013 ISSN-1934-3132